Patient Testimonials

“I was referred to this office by our dentist, who told me it was the best place for orthodontist services for my daughter. My beautiful Gaby is diagnosed with autism and is very sensitive to many things (touch, sounds, etc.). Since the moment we went into the office for an evaluation, the personnel were very courteous and professional. The care provided for my daughter since Day 1 was outstanding. Last Wednesday she had her braces put in (top and bottom) and everything went perfect. Dr. Maria Mendez and the personnel were very patient with her. I definitely recommend this office if you need orthodontic care. Best place!
– Gabriela E.

“OMGosh… I love you guys you’re so awesome speak both languages do your braces right. So if you’re in a rush 123 you’re gone.  Have a problem right away; we'll fix it in no time!”
– Litzy L.

“I love it, it feels like it's the only orthodontist worth going to here in Florida, and they have people that speak Spanish which is a big plus in my book. They are trustworthy too and always explain everything with transparency.”
– Javier B.

“Had a consultation and braces put on the same day! Great customer service! My daughter loves the girls in the office.”
– Brielle N.

“Dr. Mendez and her staff have been amazing! I was very apprehensive when I walked into the office two years ago to have my braces, but they have taken care of me so kindly and my treatment was so easy. I thought having braces was going to be so painful but apart from some initial soreness it has been a breeze. My braces are being removed in a week and my teeth are even better than I thought possible. I have only missed school once; they always scheduled my appointments to accommodate my schooling. My mom said she wouldn't trust anyone else with my teeth. I will miss seeing Dr. Mendez and the ladies in the office, but when my sister needs braces, we will be back!”
– Sasha H.

“Coming here was the best decision made. I love Dr. Mendez and her whole crew. They’re always amazing and super comfortable. Can’t wait for my final results.”
– Melissa M.

“All About Smiles is a great orthodontics office. Everyone is really friendly and make you feel comfortable. Highly recommended for your children, Dr. Mendez made the process as painless as possible and has my daughter's dental care as her priority.”
– Chelsy M.

“All About Smiles really brings a smile! All the staff members are very friendly and caring. They help you feel at ease by explaining everything in a calm way and giving you all the time that you need.”
– Aaliyah R.

“I am a new patient and I absolutely love All About Smiles so far! Everyone is so nice, the staff there is always very professional and smiling and trying their best to make me feel comfortable and a sense of being HOME.  Looking forward to being on this journey :)”
– Michael S.

“I’m a new patient and since I walked in I felt like I was home! The staff is very nice, everyone seems to be working as a team and they do really care about you and try to make you as comfortable as they can just to make your experience a great journey.”
– Laura S.

“All About Smiles Orthodontics is a great place; in fact it brings up some old memories when I was a kid playing the games at the front office and meeting the nice workers.”
– Seth S.

“Dr. Mendez is the best orthodontist. I got my braces put in in November for the first time and they help me in everything from how to manage my braces properly to what to do if anything bad happened. I don't usually like appointments but the staff is so welcoming and professional that I can't wait till my next visit.”
– Christian R.

“I am so excited to be with Dr. Mendez and her staff. My sister has been coming here for 3 years and now it is my turn! I know that I will have a beautiful smile when Dr. Mendez has finished working with me :)”
– Kaitlyn H.

“I’m so glad that I am going to All About Smiles Orthodontics. They take care to make my visits as easy as possible and it never hurts! I'm going to have such a great smile when I'm done!”
– Shane S.

“When I first decided to have braces I was hesitant because I'm 48 years of age. After my conversation with the staff, I felt at ease and decided to go for it. After a couple of weeks my hesitation disappeared when I saw how quickly my crooked teeth were getting straight. Thanks to all the staff at All About Smiles today I have a perfect smile.”
– Juan E.

“So far, the doctor is exceptional and very attentive and the nurses are absolutely fantastic. It's been a great experience for me.”
– Evelyn M.

“Out of the several other orthodontists that I visited, this was the BEST. They actually care for their patients, and keep us entertained with parties and rewards!! :)”
– Allison P.

“Wow! I have a lot of things to say about All About Smiles Orthodontics. They treat you like family, it's a very nice place, and I love to go to my appointments... I have a lot of reasons that if I list them all I will never finish. Thanks a lot, Dr. Mendez and team!!! I'm looking forward to my next appointment :)”
– Yidaliz R.